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01 Feb 2009
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Written by Arne Babenhauserheide   
Sunday, 15 June 2008
GetPhex The Phex Development Group just released Version 3.2.2 of the Phex filesharing program.

On the surface, this release mostly features noticeably improved networking code, due to which the thread usage for network connections dropped by about 40%.

The second visible change are three new translations: Spanish, Mexican Spanish (thanks go to LuisC-SM!) and Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to Felipe). Also we added a "nasty file filter", which should hide most (but surely not all) really nasty files, so you don't accidentally download things most people really don't want to see.

Not showing on the outside, abstractions from the i2p integration (i2phex branch) were ported to the main release, and even deeper below the surface, the code structure is being gradually adapted, to create a better Phex API, which allows other developers to easily use code from Phex as backend for their programs.

And as usually many Bugs where found and fixed.

As a sidenote, the startup wizard now prompts, if you want to subscribe to the Polar Skulk, a feed of free files served via Gnutella, and the served files get downloaded into a subdirectory of the download folder so they don't disturb regular downloads.

Besides: If you want to follow the development of Phex more closely, you can build Phex directly from our subversion repository:
- Information: http://wiki.phex.org/Subversion

And while Phex is making good progress, we want it to evolve even faster, so we're searching for additional developers who want to join us in development.

We ask you to join, because we believe that Phex is vitally important for society: It is a free cross-platform filesharing client and welcomes new ideas to transform the filesharing experience into something even greater.

We'd be glad to see you join up, be it as developer, as documenter, as artist or forum moderator or as starter of your own Phex community in your country.

Whatever your personal reasons for joining, if you contribute you're welcome!

Download Phex now!


About Phex

Phex is a free p2p filesharing program available for all major platforms including Windows, MacOSX and GNU/Linux.

With it you can search and download files which other users share and publish your own files into the Gnutella Network.

It has been free of Ad- or Spyware since its inception in April 2001 (Softpedia Award) and gets continuously improved by the Phex Development Group (ohloh statistics - all code contributors), a community of developers, translators and users which anyone can join who wishes to contribute - and we'd be happy to welcome you in, too!

Additionally to enabling users to share files, Phex also served as base for various academic studies on p2p technology.


3.2.2 Final (2008-06-15)
- GUI: Brazilian Portuguese translations added (thanks to Felipe) - GUI: Spanish and Mexican translations added (thanks to LuisC-SM). - GUI: Search Filter: Default Rule added: Hide Nasty Files. - GUI: Decentral Content Distribution panel added to welcome wizard. - GUI: Add option to shared files export to export only selected files. - CORE: Magma-Lists now download to a subdir of the default download dir. - CORE: Integrated DestAddress from i2phex which allows other forms of ID beside IPs. - CORE: Use of shared threads for network connections reduced threads by approx. 40% - FIXED: When browsing a host a blocked URN caused a connection abort. - FIXED: Scanning of shared files crashed when a new directory was added. - FIXED: Removed a possible deadlock situation during read/write lock handling. - FIXED: Problems with available range set handling when download file size is unknwon are solved. - FIXED: A running file rescan throws errors when shared directories are changed concurrently. - FIXED: Download file preview was not possible if file beginning was not verified yet. - FIXED: File size unit in search quick filter resets to 'bytes' when toggling through search tabs. (Bug: #1799473) - FIXED: NPE on Mac OS X when displaying HTML text. - FIXED: Turkish language file issue
Last Updated ( Saturday, 10 January 2009 )
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