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01 Feb 2009
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Written by Arne Babenhauserheide   
Saturday, 07 July 2007

After almost 5 months of constant development Phex now reached its next release.

The GUI received many smaller improvements and a multitude of lesser and bigger changes happened under the hood.

The most notable ones are:

  • Download-side THEX integration, so poisoned files are a thing of the past.
  • A major redesign of the upload architecture and far leaner security system for better performance and a vastly reduced memory footprint.
  • And last but not least quite many squashed bugs.

But even though Phex made good progress, we want Phex to evolve even faster, and so we're searching for additional developers who want to join us in development.

We ask you to join, because we believe that Phex is vitally important for society: It is a free cross-platform filesharing client and welcomes new ideas to transform the filesharing experience into something even greater.

We'd be glad to see you join up, be it as developer, as documenter, as artist or forum moderator or as starter of your own Phex community in your country.

Whatever your personal reasons for joining, if you want to contribute, you're welcome!

Download Phex now!

3.2.0 Final (2007-07-06)
- GUI: Download progress bar shows different colors for different download segment types. (Downloading/Unverified/Verified) - GUI: New security rule edit dialog, for better look and to integrate the security concept changes. - GUI: User can select to include a freebase url in Exported file-lists (magma, rss, metalink). - GUI: Search list is hidden by default. - GUI: Improved network tab selection color codes. - CORE: THEX integration to verify download data integrity. - CORE: Redesigned large parts of the upload architecture. - CORE: Changed security concept to only use cidr IP ranges. This change allowed a huge optimization of performance and memory. The disatvantage is that we had to drop support of IP ranges (from-to) and of 'Accept' rules. - CORE: Faster internal query handling. - CORE: Added metalink import. Thanks to lokad! - CORE: Reduced security list memory footprint. - CORE: Reduced country list memory footprint. - FIXED: A search filter rule created by copying a Phex default rule was not loaded after restart. - FIXED: Prevent error when creating UDP Pong from an UDP Ping without SCP extension. - FIXED: NPE occured when browse host is displayed before it started. - FIXED: Incorrect handling of chunked transfer encoding during browse host. - FIXED: During a download a file can switch from read-write mode to read-only mode when an upload of the partial file starts. (Bug 1689675) - FIXED: When uploading a "Keep-Alive" connection was closed on response code "503 Requested Range Not Available" or "416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable". - FIXED: When doing a download file preview Phex created the folder phex.prefs.api.Settings@. (Bug 1678124) - FIXED: Download scope length calculation issue. - FIXED: Possible NPE when closing Phex.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 July 2007 )
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