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01 Feb 2009
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Written by GregorK   
Tuesday, 04 July 2006
Phex 2.8.8 focuses on bug fixes and visual improvements. We present Phex with a new set of icons, which we hope are more appealing to you then the old icon set. Additionally we solved a few problems with firewall detection and the OSX release.
Very likely Phex 2.8.8 will be the last release supporting Java 1.4. From now on development will switch the to Java 5 and it will be required for the next major release Phex 3.0. Major or critical bugs might be back ported to the Phex 2.8.x release line, but this will have low priority. If you are interested in maintaining a Java 1.4 release line, please contact us.

In case you like to help us developing and improving Phex, please let us know. Developers are always wanted!
We are looking for people who would enjoy to port existing code to Java 5 Generics or would like to integrate bleeding edge Gnutella technology.

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2.8.8 Final (2006-07-01)

- GUI: Integrated new set of icons.
- GUI: Improved Windows theme support.
- GUI: Changed Mac OS X event handling to MRJAdapter library.

- CORE: Improved firewall status detection.

- FIXED: Resolved race condition when a download file couldn't initialize
- FIXED: Locking and synchronization problems during shared files rescan.
- FIXED: Possible error in the chat system.
- FIXED: Multiple problems with the Mac OS X release script solved.
- FIXED: A few minor problems with UDP message handling.
- FIXED: Prevented connection drop in case of certain Pong message errors.

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