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01 Feb 2009
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Written by GregorK   
Saturday, 02 July 2005
This release of Phex focuses again on improved download reliability. Many measures were taken to reduce the risk of lost or broken downloads.

Additionally Phex started to integrate improved file verification, once fully implemented it will allow us to identify and correct possible download errors better.

To work around Windows XP SP2 limitations and reduce the number of failed connection attempts Phex now throttles concurrent connects on XP SP2. Read this article for more info.

Mac OS X users stay tuned:
Thanks to Arne Bab we have again been able to release a Mac OS X version.

- CORE: Added a configurable concurrent connects limit. Windows XP SP2 users are
limited to 10 concurrent connects. Phex defaults XP SP2 users to 8 and
others to 20 connects. For more info and how to work around this limit
check the FAQ on the Phex homepage.
- CORE: Enforced max leaf to ultrapeer connection limit of 5.
- CORE: Improved error checking for failed download segment merge operations.
- CORE: Response to crawler ping with pongs of connected leafs.
- CORE: Upload side THEX integration.

- FIXED: NPE causes Phex to crash on Linux with GTK Look and Feel.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 02 July 2005 )
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