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01 Feb 2009
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Written by GregorK   
Saturday, 07 May 2005
The main focus of this maintainance release is to solve the most pressing download problems reported to us. Downloads that were growing beyond there total file size, segments not forming to a single file and corrupted segment data.
The problem occured when you were unlucky during a shutdown causing Phex to run into a synchronization bug that left segments in a unclean state.

It's recommended to update immediatly and we would be very thankful for every report of problems you find.

Mac OS X users stay tuned:
Thanks to Arne Bab we are again able to release a Mac OS X version soon.

- CORE: Improved UP connection stability when in leaf mode.
- CORE: Shared files exports supports magnet urls with optional xs parameter.
The export XML format changed, custom XSL export scripts need to be updated to function correctly.
- CORE: Updated security list to block spam.
- CORE: Integrated per candidate download logging.
(To activate raise downloadCandidateLogBufferSize in phex.cfg)

- FIXED: An aborted upload can cause a NPE.
- FIXED: Several download bugs able to cause file corruption.

Last Updated ( Friday, 03 June 2005 )
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