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01 Feb 2009
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Written by Arne Babenhauserheide   
Tuesday, 16 December 2008
Today the Phex development group is happy to announce the release of Phex 3.4.
Since the last release the core of Phex received many improvements.

The most notable changes are:

  • Much faster searches through a UDP rewrite,
  • Secure signed update checks, so noone can fool your Phex into trusting a false update,
  • And last but not least quite many squashed bugs.

Also Phex is now being built with maven, so dependencies on external libraries have become far easier to manage.

But even though Phex made good progress, we want it to evolve even faster, and so we're searching for additional developers who want to join us in development.

If you want to contribute to Phex, please come into our forums or meet us in IRC via #phex @ freenode.net.

3.4.0 Final (2008-12-14)

- GUI: Display country name in tooltip text for host flags.
- GUI: Tooltip text for search result rating column shows host info.

- CORE: Rewritten UDP message handling.
- CORE: Optimized large parts of query algorithm.
- CORE: Improved error handling when creating a directory fails.
- CORE: New LOGBack based logging framework.
- CORE: Build process switched to Maven.
- CORE: Include AFRINIC IP ranges in country table.
- CORE: Drop connections if sent quality is below 0.7
- CORE: Secured update checks with signature.

- FIXED: NPE when dropping invalid browse host response.
- FIXED: Double bandwidth counting during parent delegation.
- FIXED: Concurrency problem when counting active downloads for UI display.
- FIXED: Slow UI response during download.
- FIXED: Minor concurrency errors when closing connection streams.
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