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Written by GregorK   
Tuesday, 18 July 2006
Phex 2.8.10 is mainly a bug fix release. It should solve the problem of completed download files not getting copyed into there destination directory.

Also this release contains French language support.

Phex 2.8.10 still supports Java 1.4.

In case you like to help us developing and improving Phex, please let us know. Developers are always wanted!
We are looking for people who would enjoy to port existing code to Java 5 language features or would like to integrate bleeding edge Gnutella technology.

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2.8.10 Final (2006-07-16)

- GUI: Used anti-aliased fonts for labeled icons in search result table to improve readability.

- I8N: Added French language support. Translated by Jonathan Ernst.

- FIXED: Completed download files sometimes failed to rename and stayed in incomplete folder.
- FIXED: NPE when a country flag is missing.
Last Updated ( Monday, 08 January 2007 )
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