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Written by GregorK   
Saturday, 01 April 2006
This release of Phex sets the focus on the user interface and the search tab.

That's why we completely removed the need of a network connection to connect to the Gnutella Network.
Instead Phex now communicates with other Phex' via your speakers and notifies you of successful downloads by twinkling, bringing you an experience you won't ever forget, except maybe if you read these release notes on the day they where published :)

Back from fools mode to notes mode...
But the twinkling's there, in the download pane :)

Aside from several bugfixes it offers a completely rewritten search-filter with quick-filters and configurable user-defined rules.

For your convenience Phex ships with 2 predefined filters: An adult-filter and a filter against scam-files, blocking formats which are commonly used by scammers.

The search tab also features a new way of showing searches in a search bar, which can be toggled in the view-menu.

As finishing touch, this version of Phex now supports the "What's New" search, which finds files which recently entered the network, and contains numerous interface-cleanups.

Sidenote: Decentral Content Distribution has been facilitated. See http://wiki.phex.org for more information.

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2.8.4 Final (2006-04-01)

- GUI: Redesigned search screen offers a improved quick filter panel, complex user defineable and default filter rules, multiple new search and display options.
- GUI: Ability to build complex search filter rules, with an easy to use rule wizard and an interactive description text.
- GUI: Changes to the quick filter are automatically applied without pressing an additional button.
- GUI: Default adult and scam file filters.
- GUI: Reworked search control panel to easily handle multiple searches and support of the 'WhatsNew' search feature.
- GUI: Offered a tabbed search bar besides the search list. Both can now be optionally turned on or off using the 'View' menu.
- GUI: Added option to the View menu to hide/show the new search filter panel.
- GUI: Added option to the View menu hide/show the status bar.
- GUI: Added twinkling fox to the download pane (Thanks to Verónica).
- GUI: Updated JGoodies looks library to 2.0.1
- GUI: Updated JGoodies forms library to 1.0.6
- GUI: Removed Chat button from search toolbar.

- CORE: Support of WhatsNew search protocol.
- CORE: Improved handling of browse host searches with better error control.
- CORE: The candidate URN's are additionaly parsed to find and verify a download URN.
- CORE: Improved browse host status display, to differentiate between connecting, fetching, finished and error.
- CORE: Updated Apache commons http client library to 3.0
- CORE: Subscribing to a magma-list has been facilitated.

- FIXED: When a download file was executed and a different file with the same name already exists, the different existing file was executed instead. Thanks to ArneBab
- FIXED: HEAD request uploads stayed at the initializing status after unexpected disconnect.
- FIXED: When banning a host it was not immediatly removed form existing search results. (Bug: 1288779)
- FIXED: Phex used to fail on startup when a fixed exported IP is set.
- FIXED: Prefix parts of MAGMA and RSS connection requests are not displayed anymore in 'New download' dialog.
- FIXED: NPE during Phex shutdown.
- FIXED: GWebCache status code outside of 2xx not interpreted correctly. Thanks to Complication for the fix
- FIXED: The Ok button was not the default button in the option dialog. (Bug: 1399824)
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