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Written by GregorK   
Sunday, 30 October 2005

New Download Engine

With this release Phex features a completely rewritten download engine. It is much more stable, offers faster overall download speed, allows easy file previews, and gives you a more in-depth view of what is going on behind the scenes.
You will have a multi-part progress bar, that shows you exactly what parts of the file you have already downloaded and what your sources are sharing.
You can adjust the internal download part selection algorithm to choose if you like to download the least available file parts first, prioritize the file beginning, end or both or if Phex should select parts completely random.

Even though we did our best to convert your old downloads into the new system, we recommended finishing all important ongoing downloads with the old Phex version before updating. We are not sure if conversion of downloads succeeds in all cases.

UDP Host Cache Support

Phex comes with a new UDP host cache support. UDP host caches are used as an distributed bootstrapping system to connect to the network much faster then before. Thanks to Madhu for the implementation.

Phex Updates

With this release Phex offers the ability to download future Phex releases directly within Phex multi-source download engine. All that's left for you to do is to install the completed download. Thanks go to ArneBab for this feature.

Download Phex 2.8

- GUI: New download overview screen to quickly view the download status, with an multi-part progress indicator that displays exactly which parts of the file is already on your disk.
- GUI: New download transfer screen for a overview of transferring sources.
- GUI: A preview copy of a download can be created and a system viewer opened through Phex.
- GUI: Open file from Library screen extended to support all systems.
- GUI: Display availability of file data of sources in multi-part progress bar.
- GUI: The connections table displays PushProxy status of hosts "(PP)".
- GUI: Phex update notification dialog offers option to download update immediately.

- CORE: Complete rework of the download engine. Phex now uses a single incomplete download file instead of one file per segment.
- CORE: Support of different user selectable download part selection algorithms (by availability, prioritize beginning/end, and random)
- CORE: Improved download source selection for faster download restarts.
- CORE: Added option to readout downloaded magma files and download there contents. Thanks to ArneBab
- CORE: Support for UDP Host Caches. Thanks to Madhu
- CORE: Support of downloads with chunked transfer encodings (Apache).

- FIXED: Download shows incorrect status queued instead of downloading. (Bug: 1274358)
- FIXED: Sometimes download selection differs from displayed candidates/segments or gets lost. (Bug: 1262942)
- FIXED: Converting shared directories failed when updating from build 81 or earlier.
- FIXED: Resolved various THEX upload problems.
- FIXED: When banning many hosts interface was unresponsive. (Bug: 1338228)

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 22 November 2005 )
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