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01 Feb 2009
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Written by GregorK   
Tuesday, 20 May 2003
New Phex FINAL released Phex 0.8 is finally released. After a much prolonged beta cycle Phex boasts many new features, bug fixes and improved resource usage. It will simply give you a more satisfying Gnutella experience.

Get Phex now at : http://phex.kouk.de

There are too many new features and changes in Phex 0.8 to list them all here. But here are a few major ones: :

  • Download and Upload Queuing
    With download and upload queuing you will not see many busy downloads anymore. Phex will just stay connected to wait patiently on its turn. This will gurantee you a download slot on busy servents.

  • Partial File Sharing
    Partial file sharing automatically shares the files you download, before they've finished. This allows all users downloading a file to simultaneously share off each other, resulting in a faster and more efficient download experience.

  • Browse Host
    The new host browsing feature allows you to see the shared files available on a particular Gnutella host, and download the ones you want. All from within Phex's search interface, so you can filter and sort files to find what you’re looking for faster. Just right-click on any host, search result, download or upload and choose Browse Host.

    Finally, if you don’t want other host browse-enabled users to be able to list your shared files, simply turn it off in Sharing options!

  • GWebCache support:
    Phex now supports the web-based distributed host discovery system, for faster and more reliable connections.

  • Chat with Phex, Limewire and Shareaza users
    Phex integrates the same chat protocol that Limewire, Shareaza and many other Gnutella servents use.

  • Ultrapeer Connections
    With this release you can now connect with Ultrapeers. This solve all the previous connection problems, and gives you a larger search horizon.

  • Countless suggestions implemented and bugs fixed:
    Every suggestion for improving Phex and reported bugs are noted and considered. As a result, this new version contains a large number of small changes which are too numerous to list here, but each add to the overall experience of the application.

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