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Written by GregorK   
Monday, 21 July 2003
Phex 0.9 FINAL released Together with a new homepage design we are able to present you the new Phex release

Get Phex now at : http://phex.kouk.de/download.php

Many changes and new features are introduced with this release Here is a list of the major ones:

  • New security concept to eliminate spammers
    With this new security concept Phex offers you a known hostile host list which is used to ban the IPs of most of the known spammers. You are able to freely extend this list and update it to block any IP you dont like to communicate with.

  • Phex is able to act as a Ultrapeer
    If you have a high bandwidth connection Phex will automatically start to act as a Ultrapeer in the network. Ultrapeers help to keep the Gnutella network healthy by shielding most of the traffic for hosts (Leafs) with lower bandwidth.

  • Improved statistic tracking
    A new improved statistic view gives you more detail about whats going on with your Gnutella connection.

  • Ultrapeer Query Routing support to reduce bandwidth
    With intra Ultrapeer Query Routing support the used bandwidth between Ultrapeer connection can be reduced significantly. To achive this the same technique that is used between Leafs and Ultrapeers will also help to shieled traffic between Ultrapeers.

  • Improved download candidate selection
    Download candidates are selected by a new round robin concept to give you higher download experience when there are multiple candidates available.

  • Many bug fixes and improvements
    Like always this release addresses many of the reported problems and suggestions to present you a better Phex.

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